College of Excellence, Competance and Creativity

Our Location         

St. Xavier’s college Mahuadanr is a Christian Minority college founded and managed by the Jesuit province of Hazaribag of the Society of Jesus. This came into existent as a natural flow of Jesuits’ commitment to empower the tribal population of this region. It is a dream come into reality for many. The college is affiliated to Nilambar-Pitambar University, Daltonganj.

Our Vision & Mission

Inspired by the life and teaching of Jesus Christ and the Jesuit spirit of “magis” (for the greater and better), St. Xavier’s college aspires to prepare agents for creating a just and humane society by promoting harmonious living with different socio-cultural groups and with the whole creation.



·        To provide value based academic excellence. <?xml:namespace prefix = o /> 

·        To mould students to be the men and women for others 

·        To promote modern and scientific knowledge without neglecting or undermining the traditional knowledge (science and medicine) and the cultural values of the local people. 

·        To prepare leaders by means of developing critical and creative thinking.  

·        To inculcate in the students interest for study and research.